My Mission

Success is our common goal

The success of my clients gives me great satisfaction. It motivates me professionally to see businesses grow and thrive, knowing that my contribution has played a part in that success.

As a lawyer, I consider it important to assist my clients not only on a legal level, but also by providing practical and strategic advice that will help them achieve their objectives. Nothing beats having satisfied and prosperous clients.

Proud of my interpersonal skills to build relationships of total trust , I’m committed to accompanying you at every stage of your project and to offering you the best legal support.

My Mission

I take the time to listen to your story

Core competencies

– In-depth knowledge of the law.
– Thorough and effective handling of cases in Dutch, French and English.
– Extensive experience in various sectors and industries.
– Strong analytical skills and results-oriented approach.
– Personal commitment to the success of my clients.
– Clear communication and transparent pricing.
– Active in Flemish and Walloon Brabant as well as in the Brussels district

Legal Roadmap

Straightforward: practical and clear legal support for entrepreneurs

I find it important to provide my clients with not only theoretical advice, but also practical support, as a strategic sparring partner who masters all the ins and outs of the Belgian legal system.

Together, we can work out a legal trajectory within the desired timeframe, with specific objectives and deliverables.

By strengthening the company’s legal foundations, we lay the foundation for further stable and successful growth.