Advocaat Reulens


Corporate Law

From Shareholder to Managing Director (CEO)
You can rely on an in depth knowledge of corporate law.
Our areas of expertise include: the choice of legal structures, the liability of company executives, corporate advisory services, restructuring and insolvency.

Corporate Compliance

Your company’s policies in the spotlight
Are you in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to your company?
Compliance requires you to define internal company policies and standards of behavior, such as privacy statements, codes of conduct, data protection and privacy.

Commercial Practices & Consumer Protection

Are your commercial practices fair?
Consumers are increasingly protected by the law.
Therefore, you are required to clearly and correctly inform them about legal warranties, payment plans, practices regarding the protection of personal data, etc.
This regulation is constantly evolving under the impulse of the European legislature.

Employment Law

Strengthen your leadership
The rules regarding employment contracts determine the relationship between employer and employee, such as working hours, remuneration, vacation days, and dismissal regulations.
As an employer, you must also ensure the well-being of your staff, equal treatment, protection of privacy, and other related aspects.
We draft employment regulations and other policies in this regard.

Board of Directors

Proper Procedure Compliance
As an independent director or consultant, I offer companies a unique opportunity to be part of their Board of Directors.
My presence and skills ensure an objective view, impartial advice, and optimal decision-making for the company.