1. General
Although it is not always possible to estimate the exact cost of a file at the start, we strive for complete transparency regarding our pricing so that you never face unpleasant surprises.
The first intake interview, either at the office or online, is free of charge. During this orientation conversation of 40 minutes, you will receive indicative oral advice and the potential collaboration can be further discussed.
The invoice consists, on the one hand, of the fee and, on the other hand, of the costs (office costs, court costs, and advanced expenses).”

2. Fees
The fees are calculated based on the actual time spent on the case.
Our services are billed at an hourly rate of 150 EUR excluding VAT.
Before and during the performance of our services, we will request an advance from the client by means of a provision statement. These are advances on the final statement of fees and expenses and are calculated based on the estimated work and costs. These provisions will eventually be settled in the final statement of fees and expenses at the end of the intervention. This allows you to spread your payments and avoid financial surprises.
Furthermore, the services provided are meticulously recorded, and you can request an overview of the evolution of the costs in your case at any time.”

3. Subscription formula
In the context of legal support over a specific period of time, with regular and pre-agreed services in daily business operations, a subscription formula or customized fixed rate will be drawn up according to the needs of the client, which allows the client to benefit from more favorable conditions.

4. Office expenses
The office costs are fixed and variable costs related to the handling of a specific case. These costs are calculated as follows (excluding VAT):

  • opening file: 50€
  • correspondence and dactylography: 12€/page
  • outgoing Email: 0,70€/mail
  • Photocopy, scan: 0,40€/page
  • Telephone call to landline and mobile phone: 2,50€/10 min
  • registered mail: invoiced at cost price
  • travel expenses: 0,75€/km
  • closure and archiving of file: 30€

5. Procedural costs
Those expenses, related to the legal procedure such as bailiff costs, expert fees, notary fees, translations,… will be invoiced directly to the client by the intervening third party (bailiff, expert, translators, notary publics..)

6. Advances
Advances are expenses incurred by the attorney in behalf of the client such as court fees, civil registry records, case handling costs, investigation costs…. Those expenses are stated separately and invoiced at cost price.

7. Invoice terms
All these amounts, fees as well as the expenses, are subject to 21% VAT.
All the provision statements and final statements of fees and expenses are payable 15 calendar days from the date of invoice.

In the event of late payment, the client will owe, by law and without prior notice of default being required, default interest of 8% per annum and a fixed compensation of 10% on the overdue amount.

Moreover, the attorney has the right to discontinue the execution after a written reminder if the client fails to fulfil its payment obligations and without this being a reason for the Client to claim damages.
Invoices must be disputed within 8 days of receipt by registered mail.

8. Invoice data
Advocaat Reulens
Zevenbronnenstraat 100, 1653 Dworp
Bank account : BE02 3632 2813 4340
VAT : BE0544.324.705